This is not a complete game.

The idea was to make a beat them all were each defeated enemy would become your ally. But because I didn't know if I wanted to make a arena game or a side-scroller or how to make more various enemies I didn't found a way to finish it.

Furthermore the concept itself is flawed because each of the ally and each enemy is as strong as the player itself. Because of there number, they completely out power the player which is not able to do anything significant. Plus the player get easily lost in the masses.

To begin the game:

  • Arrow keys : select between single player and multiplayer
  • Z : to validate

Default controls for Player 1:

  • Arrow keys : move around
  • Z : jump
  • X : attack with sword
  • A : shoot arrow
  • S : raise shield

If you want to define the controls for each player:

  • press ESC
  • type "keymap" in the command prompt
  • select the button to set with the mouse
  • press ESC again
  • type "run" in the command prompt

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withTIC-80


knight.tic 30 kB


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Reminds me of Right Click To Necromance, pretty cool.